It’s Here!

Percy’s daughter/Earl’s niece eagerly reads her copy of
Dickies From Gunton: Canadian Brothers in Two World Wars.

My first book is finally published and available for sale. You can now order it directly from the writer/publisher (that’s me) via this website. Thank you for your support.

To write Dickies From Gunton: Canadian Brothers in Two World Wars, I turned to the fragments lingering in old sketches, photos, military records, articles and memories to piece together the story of two veterans I always wondered about – my grandfather and great-uncle.

It’s the story of brothers growing up in rural Manitoba early in the 20th century, and how their family was forever affected by two world wars. It’s the story of a different time and a different experience.

Although most of the people from the story are gone now, Percy’s daughter/Earl’s niece was honoured to be provided with the first copy. Wondering what she had to say about this book that took her back to her youth and provided her with additional insight on the people and the times? “It’s good reading,” she says.

Although I have written for a living for many years, writing and publishing this book has been quite a journey. Along the way, I have truly grown to appreciate all of the hard work and expertise that a full team of professionals working for a book publisher might bring to the table for a writer with a book contract, freeing up the writer to focus on writing. I am learning along the way. There is certainly much to do!

At this time, I would like to thank everyone who encouraged me to write this book, everyone who provided me with valuable information and insight, and everyone who helped me to fine-tune the story in editing and reviewing it and designing the cover and providing technical support. I appreciate all of you. Thank you!

As I finally release my first book into the world, I think about how the world has changed since the Dickies From Gunton lived their lives. And then I think about how much is still the same. For better and for worse, this is their story.

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