Book News – Now at Tergesen’s

H.P. Tergesen & Sons, Gimli MB is now carrying Dickies From Gunton.

It’s always great to visit Manitoba’s Interlake Region during the summer. Dickies From Gunton: Canadian Brothers in Two World Wars grew up in the area, and enjoyed hot summer days on the beaches of Lake Winnipeg.

Whenever Percy and Earl visited the town of Gimli, they were always sure to stop by the old general store. H.P. Tergesen & Sons was relatively new when they were boys, as it was built the same year Percy was born – in 1898. Today, it is the oldest operating general store in the province, retaining its historic look and feel both inside and out.

Stepping inside Tergesen’s is like stepping back in time. Whenever I visit, I think of the folks from the boys’ generation including my Icelandic grandmother who grew up north of here and may even have crossed paths with them years ago.

Next time you visit Gimli, be sure to stop by H.P. Tergesen & Sons, located at the corner of First Avenue and Centre Street. The store is now carrying my book, sharing the story of #DickiesFromGunton.

I know Percy and Earl would be proud. So would my grandmother.